Resource #86 - Using Your Medicines Wisely: A Guide for the Elderly
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Using Your Medicines Wisely: A Guide for the Elderly
Using Your Medicines Wisely explains how to take responsibility for your own health care, to obtain clear information from doctors and pharmacists, and organize a system for taking medications. This photocopied booklet includes a pull-out record for keeping track of emergency numbers and medications used.
This item is no longer being produced. Limited copies may be produced by the NPRC upon request. This item is currently only available electronically. If you require more than one copy, please contact us at to inquire about us providing copies at no cost.
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•   Miscellaneous
•   Addiction
•   Physical Effects of Drugs
•   English
•   Over-the-Counter Drugs
•   Prescription Drugs
•   Family & Friends
•   General Audience
•   Older Adults