Resource #1862 - Drugs of Abuse 2015 Edition - A DEA Resource Guide
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Drugs of Abuse 2015 Edition - A DEA Resource Guide
Drugs of Abuse delivers clear, scientific information about drugs in a factual, straightforward way. With the information in this guide, parents and caregivers can help their children make smart choices and avoid the consequences of drug abuse. This publication covers topics including the Controlled Substances Act and introduces drug classes including narcotics, stimulants, marijuana/cannabis, inhalants, steroids, and more. Drugs of Abuse also provides information about drugs of concern including Bath Salts. (89 pgs.)
This item was purchased and limited copies may be produced by the NPRC upon request. PRODUCED AND PUBLISHED BY Drug Enforcement Administration • U.S. Department of Justice
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•   Manual
•   Drug Abuse
•   Physical Effects of Drugs
•   Prevention
•   English
•   Criminal Justice Professionals
•   Health Professionals
•   Prevention Program Planners