Resource #13 - Brain Power Kit K-1
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Resource Information
Brain Power Kit K-1
The Junior Scientist Program consists of six modules. It includes a video, materials for students, a parent newsletter, and a teacher's guide for each module. The goal of the NIDA Junior Scientist Program is to lay the foundation for future scientific learning and substance abuse prevention efforts by providing an early elementary school-age audience with a basis of knowledge and critical thinking skills.
Resource Document(s)
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•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.9.09.pdf
•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.Module1.pdf
•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.Module2.pdf
•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.Module3.pdf
•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.Module4.pdf
•  NPRC.13.BrainPowerKto1.Module5.pdf
Resource Attributes
•   Video
•   Addiction
•   Drug Abuse
•   Physical Effects of Drugs
•   Prevention
•   English
•   Elementary School Children
•   Teachers/Administrators/Counselors
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