Resource #11 - Brain Power Kit 2-3
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Resource Information
Brain Power Kit 2-3
This package is designed to interest and educate students in an age-appropriate manner about their brains, why they should protect it, and how drugs such as nicotine and inhalants can hurt their brain. The parent's guide describes activities that can be done with the whole family and includes a listing of resources. The teacher's guide provides more in depth information, suggestions for activities for the classroom, and a list of resources.
Published 2001, Revised 2012. Please indicate if you would like the DVD or VHS version. Video also available online at the following web address:
Resource Document(s)
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•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.9.12.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module1.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module2.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module3.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module4.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module5.pdf
•  NPRC.11.BrainPower2-3.Module6.pdf
Resource Attributes
•   Video
•   Addiction
•   Drug Abuse
•   Physical Effects of Drugs
•   Prevention
•   English
•   Prescription Drugs
•   Tobacco
•   Elementary School Children
•   Teachers/Administrators/Counselors
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